20:20 Print Exchange Exhibition | Sat, 11th January – Sat, 22nd February

 West Yorkshire Print Workshop

11January – 22 February 2014

Initiated in 2009 by Hot Bed Press, Salford and Red Hot Press, Southampton, the 20:20 Print Exchange grows bigger and better with each year. Having compiled a unique collection of 9,800 prints in 2013 – made by 392 artists at 312 print workshops – the project is now set to tour the country. The West Yorkshire Print Workshop, in Mirfield, is delighted to be welcoming the arrival of such a large number of works from across the UK, and becoming first host of the 2014 Print Exchange exhibition.


Throughout the autumn of 2013, artists from workshops countrywide were asked to produce a new edition of 25 prints, each 20cm high by 20cm wide. A print from every participant gets kept by Hot Bed Press and joins this touring exhibition. In return, each artist receives a box set of 20 prints; one of their own plus 19 other, which are randomly selected. Each workshop also receives a randomly compiled set, along with a set of their own members’ work and a set from their ‘partner workshop.’ The West Yorkshire Print Workshop is very excited to have been partnered with both Ochre Print Studio and Leicester Print Workshop this year, whose prints visitors will also have the chance to browse during this exhibition.

The 20:20 Print Exchange provides an opportunity for workshops like the West Yorkshire Print Workshop to share with others the great wealth of talent that is harnessed at each and every one of them. It also provides a platform for initiating further connections and collaborations between venues, whilst celebrating the diverse skills and styles of nearly 400 emerging and established artists UK-wide. The 20:20 exhibition will also help us to raise money towards the future success and sustainability of our workshop, with a selection of prints available to purchase for £20.00 each.


Participating artists from the West Yorkshire Print Workshop are:

Neil Anderson| Dan Booth | Gavin Campbell | Liadin Cooke | Louise Crosby | Kate Desforges | Paul Fox | Andrew Hambleton | Rachel Hunter | Dom Kane | Laura Long | Glynis Mills | Karen Stansfield | Jenny Thomas | Susan Thompson | Andrew Warburton | Mary Warden | Ben Whittington | Zea Wilkinson | Ian Wrench