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WYPW Print Run!

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WYPW Print Run! Coming up on Saturday, 7th October Launch of our first Future Proof event – Print Run! A sponsored 5k run, leaving WYPW at 10.30am and returning along East-thorpe in time for Coffee and Cake, in the gallery from 11.15 onwards.   This will be the first of three annual events, open to […]

Liz K Miller

BACK 1 2 3 4 London, UK My project, Circular Score, sits at the intersection of music, geometry, psychology and visual art. Circular Score is a circular musical notation system that I have created for the Cello and Piano arrangement of Fratres by Arvo Pärt. Radius denotes pitch, circumference is time, and colourcontrols key signature. […]

Pierre-Antoine Martin

BACK London, UK Printmaking and the methods related to metal etching are the central medium of my practice. This choice comes from my appreciation of the multifaceted possibilities available with those mediums. In itself the «medium» means more than a succession of processes on the material. It is not only limited to the digging of […]

Melanie King

BACK London, UK Melanie’s practice explores the intrinsic connection between humans, materials and phenomena existing beyond the Earths’ atmosphere. She primarily uses sun, moon and starlight to cause effects on photosensitive materials. Melanie can often be found in the darkroom, and is known for her work with silver gelatin materials, cyanotype and daguerreotype. Melanie also […]

Claire Hynds

BACK 1 2 3 London, UK With a particular interest in etching, Hynds’ work has largely focused on an investigation into urban environments; more specifically the effect architecture and planning has on the inhabitants. In this work she visited well known examples of Modern architecture and the planned “new” towns of Hertfordshire to examine what […]

Future Proof- Fundraising campaign

West Yorkshire Print Workshop has launched an exciting project ‘Future Proof’ to secure new sources of funding to improve our facilities and resources for members, participants and visitors over the next three years. The aim of our fundraising campaign, is to raise £50,000 by August 2020. Supported by Arts Council England (ACE) Catalyst:Evolve Fund, every […]

Flourish Award 2017

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16th September – 28th October 2017 Established in 2009 to champion printmakers working throughout Yorkshire, Flourish now celebrates work from across the UK, with an exhibition of artists selected from open submission. The exhibition brings together a wide range of prints made by artists shortlisted for this year’s award, selected by an independent panel of judges. […]

Exhibition – Frogs, Bears and Unicorns: The Art of Children’s Book Illustration

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Sat 15th July – Sat 2nd September 2017   This summer West Yorkshire Print Workshop are celebrating the Art of Children’s illustration with Frogs, Bears and Unicorns by Lisa Stubbs and Gillian Tyler.  During the school holidays you can hear Lisa and Gillian read their stories as part of a programme of family storytelling events […]

Tracy Hill

BACK 1 2 3 Cheshire, UK As the search begins for the beginning of the Anthropocene epoch, our legacy and presence as a civilization will be defined through the very fabric of the earth. Hill’s current investigations consider the historical legacy of spatiotemporal, post-industrial landscapes though combinations of installation and hand drawn imagery. Over the […]

Sarah Duncan

BACK 1 2 3 Bristol, UK I am influenced by forms and light invisible to the naked eye. I seek beauty in the realms of science, astronomy, microscopy. Optical technology allows us to glimpse the unseeable. My work reflect on these technological revelations, and try to grasp what would be unknowable without them. My printmaking […]

Ji Yue Deng

BACK waiting seriesLondon, UK I am a printmaker who practises the teachings of Daoism by Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi and Laozi. My devotion in printmaking lies specifically in the technique of lithography. The sense of transparency in each layer ecalls to me like vapours of dark mysterious mists. As if through stages of metamorphosis, the image […]

Jess Bugler

BACK 1 2 3 herefordshire, UK Jess Bugler is an emerging artist working in print, paint and line. She has won awards at the National Original Print Exhibition and exhibited in the Internationale Print Biennale in Newcastle andThe Masters: relief printmakers in Bankside Gallery, London. Her latest body of work explores traumatic memory. It speaks […]

Tracing Memory

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27th May – 8th July 2017 Victoria Browne Susan Corke Theodore Ereira-Guyer Katherine Jones Curated by Katherine Jones and Martyn Lucas “A book read by a thousand different people is a thousand different books.”  Andrei Tarkovsky This specially selected exhibition presents a collection of works which explore the rich possibilities of print and differing conceptual […]

David Armes

BACK exitblurring_1mb Occupational stalk_mark_sight_lines 1 2 3 West Yorkshire, UK “I am an artist working with letterpress printing, language and geography. I publish through the Red Plate Press imprint. My work is frequently site-specific and considers how sense of place can be represented, with specific source material including automatic writing, accidental conversations and oral history. […]

Mirfield Arts Festival Weekend at WYPW

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Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July 2017 10.30 – 4 Join us for a fun-filled weekend of family activities as part of the Mirfield Arts festival! Activities include: – Launch of our lastest exhibition ‘Frogs, Bears and Unicorns: The Art of Children’s Book Illustration’ – Meet the artists book signing – Drop- in printmaking activites […]

Flourish Award 2017 16 September – 28 October

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The Flourish Award 2017The results are in for this years #Flourishaward shortlist, a big congratulations to- David Armes Jess Bugler Ji Yue Deng Sarah Duncan Tracy Hill Claire Hynds Melanie King Pierre Antoine Martin Liz K Miller Clare Phelan Roy Willingham Susan Wright The exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday 16 September […]

Frogs, Bears and Unicorns – The art of illustration


 by Lisa Stubbs and Gillian Tyler, featuring prints, sketchbooks and drawings 15th July – 2nd September Delve into the world of children’s illustration this summer, with storytelling sessions and creative workshops . Explore imaginary worlds, play with print and dress up like characters in the exhibition! The Exhibition opens 15th & 16th July with a […]

Earth, Water, Air

Earth Water Air May17

25th April – 20th May 2017 This exhibition of prints by members of West Yorkshire Print Workshop responds to the theme of Earth, Water and Air.  16 artists are presenting hand-made prints produced by a variety of techniques including lino cut, etching, dry point, screen print, wood block, mono print and collagraph.  All the art […]

Pop-up shop

31 new st long

  Unit 31 New Street, Huddersfield In June/July 2017, we will be occupying a vacant shop unit in Huddersfield town centre.  Expect artists working, displays of print and drop-in activities for the public.  More news to follow soon… Save

Small Print International

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18th February – 15th April 2017 In partnership with Leicester Print Workshop, a touring exhibition of contemporary fine art mini-prints by local and international printmakers. The panel made up of curators and printmakers received 631 prints from artists across the world and selected 150 images that measure no more than 100 square cm.  Works on […]

Yuet Yean Teo

Back to Flourish homepage The journey to the Mount Fuji dsc_0583-medium-resol 1 2 3 London, UK This series of prints is inspired by the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang and my experience of mov-ing from countryside to town, town to city, and country to country. In traditional Chinese belief the circle represents the sky […]

Mike Smith

Back to Flourish shortlisted artists Rio San Barnaba-venice Trout Pool Gannets 1 2 3 West Yorkshire, UK A member of the W.Y.P.W. Originally from Liverpool I have lived in Yorkshire for main years and I am now based in Addingham. I trained in graphic design at Liverpool and Newport Colleges of Art and it was […]

Myra Ryan

Back to Flourish homepage Fragment l Trace Unravel ll 1 2 3 Wrexham, UK Drawing has the potential to convey a concept without the use of language Through her work Myra attempts to convey aspects of the human condition that language alone cannot fully communicate. Exploring what is normally hidden from view she gives visual […]

Peter Moseley

Back to Flourish homepage Angela Diana Tom 1 2 3 Surrey, UK In my professional practice, I reflect upon the resonant skin of older age.  I wish to make the physicality of people more accessible, their variety more curious, their experience more evident, their skin and bodies sources of phenomenological enquiry and sensuous interest. I […]

Moira McTague

Back to Flourish homepage Summer Shadows Buttercup Ravens view 1 2 3 My work is based on an intimate observation and response to my surroundings, memories and more recently connecting the present with the past. Working from my studio in rural North Yorkshire I am immersed in the environment and inspired by how I feel […]

Melanie King

Back to Flourish homepage meteotype-tektite 1 London, UK Melanie King’s research is concerned with the visual language that is currently associated with astronomy. How are astronomical images mediated by institutions such as NASA / the ESA before they are published for consumption by the general public?Recent research papers written by the artist consider texts on […]

Robert Hart

Back to Flourish homepage drift the coastguard’s house flotsam 1 2 3 Rob Hart works mainly in painting, drawing and printmaking. Originally from the Northwest of England, for the past thirty years or so he has lived and worked in Nottingham.Much of his inspiration comes from what he sees around him; from particular landscapes that […]

Michael Griffiths

Back to Flourish homepage MG ‘Active-Passive’ screen print 40x40cm MG ‘Comply’ screen print 40x40cm MG ‘Distinguishing Marks’ screen print 40x40cmPMC 1 2 3 Dorset, UK The French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu used the term ‘Habitus’ to describe a system of dispositions; schemes of perception, thought and actions, tastes and preferences which define the individual. It is […]

Nadia Francis

Back to Flourish homepage Inherited Guilt (Part 1) Inherited Guilt (Part 2) 1 2 London, UK Winner of the Jackson’s Art Prize I am drawn to the relationship between physical space and psychological space, and the point in which a psychological state can spill into its physical surroundings. The home is an important site to […]

Sumiko Eadon

Back to Flourish homepage Residue TimeLeftBehind Resonance 1 2 3 Sumiko Eadon is a Japanese printmaker based in Leicestershire, UK. She started printmaking in Japan in the year 2000 with woodcut printing and wood engraving, then learnt various printmaking techniques in the UK. She completed her undergraduate degree in fine art at Loughborough University in […]