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Liz K Miller ‘The Circular Scores’ Huddersfield Art Gallery, 10 November 2018 – 2 February 2019

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Image: Liz K Miller, A Classic on Vinyl #2, Etching. Liz K Miller was the winner of the 2017 West Yorkshire Print Workshop Flourish Award for Excellence in Printmaking in 2017, for which she was awarded the prize of a solo exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery. Exhibition Circular Score is a musical notation system that […]

Amy Jane Blackhall – Flourish Award 2016


back ‘Infrastructure’, Sugarlift etching & Japanese woodcut with laser engraving, 26 x 23.5cm ‘Fountain’ Carborundum with hand colouring 33 x 33cm 1 2 Winner of Flourish Award 2016 & Intaglio Printmaker Prize Amy-Jane Blackhall’s work emerges from her fascination with the concept of interconnectedness, through the physical and spiritual act of making, particularly the repetitive […]

Liz K Miller – Flourish Award 2017

BACK 1 2 3 4 London, UK My project, Circular Score, sits at the intersection of music, geometry, psychology and visual art. Circular Score is a circular musical notation system that I have created for the Cello and Piano arrangement of Fratres by Arvo Pärt. Radius denotes pitch, circumference is time, and colourcontrols key signature. […]

Flourish Award 2018


15th September – 27th October 2018 Hazel Roberts, Jemma Gunning, John Angus, Kathryn Desforges, Maxine Foster, Michaela Wheater, Nazanin Moradi, Neil Bousfield, Nicole Polonsky, Nigel Morris, Sara Lee, Sin Park and Theresa Taylor The Flourish Award was established in 2009 by West Yorkshire Print Workshop to showcase excellence in printmaking from across Yorkshire. Since 2014 […]

Pierre-Antoine Martin

BACK London, UK Printmaking and the methods related to metal etching are the central medium of my practice. This choice comes from my appreciation of the multifaceted possibilities available with those mediums. In itself the «medium» means more than a succession of processes on the material. It is not only limited to the digging of […]

Melanie King

BACK London, UK Melanie’s practice explores the intrinsic connection between humans, materials and phenomena existing beyond the Earths’ atmosphere. She primarily uses sun, moon and starlight to cause effects on photosensitive materials. Melanie can often be found in the darkroom, and is known for her work with silver gelatin materials, cyanotype and daguerreotype. Melanie also […]

Claire Hynds

BACK 1 2 3 London, UK With a particular interest in etching, Hynds’ work has largely focused on an investigation into urban environments; more specifically the effect architecture and planning has on the inhabitants. In this work she visited well known examples of Modern architecture and the planned “new” towns of Hertfordshire to examine what […]

Sarah Duncan

BACK 1 2 3 Bristol, UK I am influenced by forms and light invisible to the naked eye. I seek beauty in the realms of science, astronomy, microscopy. Optical technology allows us to glimpse the unseeable. My work reflect on these technological revelations, and try to grasp what would be unknowable without them. My printmaking […]

Ji Yue Deng

BACK waiting seriesLondon, UK I am a printmaker who practises the teachings of Daoism by Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi and Laozi. My devotion in printmaking lies specifically in the technique of lithography. The sense of transparency in each layer ecalls to me like vapours of dark mysterious mists. As if through stages of metamorphosis, the image […]

David Armes

BACK exitblurring_1mb Occupational stalk_mark_sight_lines 1 2 3 West Yorkshire, UK “I am an artist working with letterpress printing, language and geography. I publish through the Red Plate Press imprint. My work is frequently site-specific and considers how sense of place can be represented, with specific source material including automatic writing, accidental conversations and oral history. […]

Flourish Award 2017 16 September – 28 October

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The Flourish Award 2017The results are in for this years #Flourishaward shortlist, a big congratulations to- David Armes Jess Bugler Ji Yue Deng Sarah Duncan Tracy Hill Claire Hynds Melanie King Pierre Antoine Martin Liz K Miller Clare Phelan Roy Willingham Susan Wright The exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday 16 September […]

Myra Ryan

Back to Flourish homepage Fragment l Trace Unravel ll 1 2 3 Wrexham, UK Drawing has the potential to convey a concept without the use of language Through her work Myra attempts to convey aspects of the human condition that language alone cannot fully communicate. Exploring what is normally hidden from view she gives visual […]

Peter Moseley

Back to Flourish homepage Angela Diana Tom 1 2 3 Surrey, UK In my professional practice, I reflect upon the resonant skin of older age.  I wish to make the physicality of people more accessible, their variety more curious, their experience more evident, their skin and bodies sources of phenomenological enquiry and sensuous interest. I […]

Moira McTague

Back to Flourish homepage Summer Shadows Buttercup Ravens view 1 2 3 My work is based on an intimate observation and response to my surroundings, memories and more recently connecting the present with the past. Working from my studio in rural North Yorkshire I am immersed in the environment and inspired by how I feel […]

Melanie King

Back to Flourish homepage meteotype-tektite 1 London, UK Melanie King’s research is concerned with the visual language that is currently associated with astronomy. How are astronomical images mediated by institutions such as NASA / the ESA before they are published for consumption by the general public?Recent research papers written by the artist consider texts on […]

Nadia Francis

Back to Flourish homepage Inherited Guilt (Part 1) Inherited Guilt (Part 2) 1 2 London, UK Winner of the Jackson’s Art Prize I am drawn to the relationship between physical space and psychological space, and the point in which a psychological state can spill into its physical surroundings. The home is an important site to […]

Sumiko Eadon

Back to Flourish homepage Residue TimeLeftBehind Resonance 1 2 3 Sumiko Eadon is a Japanese printmaker based in Leicestershire, UK. She started printmaking in Japan in the year 2000 with woodcut printing and wood engraving, then learnt various printmaking techniques in the UK. She completed her undergraduate degree in fine art at Loughborough University in […]

Antony Cross

Back to Flourish homepage finding my religion no1 Green is the new Black Life’s Got a Meaning These Days lifes-got-a-meaning-these-days-copy 1 2 3 Salford, Manchester, UK Winner of the Hawthorn Print Supplies/Great Art Student Prize During a period of unemployment in 2011 I decided to enrol on to a foundation course in art and design […]

Christina France Crews


Back to Flourish homepage Troubled Waters ghostlines-2-2 lost-in-low-cloud 1 2 3 Christina France’s work responds to the substance of printmaking with spontaneity and restraint, connecting  to its material properties. Working from drawings,  assembled and reassembled using random actions to determine placement, her work engages with the physicality of the material and consequences of the actions taken […]

Neil Bousfield


Back to Flourish homepage Happisburgh Warning: Storm Over Happisburgh, Wood engraving (on polymer). 34(h) x 24.5(w). Promenade, Wood engraving. 12(h) x 19.5(w) cm Happisburgh Warning: Bryony’s New House I, Wood engraving (on polymer). 34(h) x 24.5(w) cm 1 2 3 Winner of the Great Art Prize Wood engraving is a discipline that combines drawing, making […]

Amy Jane Blackhall


Back to Flourish homepage ‘Infrastructure’, Sugarlift etching & Japanese woodcut with laser engraving, 26 x 23.5cm ‘Fountain’ Carborundum with hand colouring 33 x 33cm 1 2 Winner of Flourish Award 2016 & Intaglio Printmaker Prize Amy-Jane Blackhall’s work emerges from her fascination with the concept of interconnectedness, through the physical and spiritual act of making, […]