Jess Bugler

herefordshire, UK

Jess Bugler is an emerging artist working in print, paint and line. She has won awards at the National Original Print Exhibition and exhibited in the Internationale Print Biennale in Newcastle andThe Masters: relief printmakers in Bankside Gallery, London.

Her latest body of work explores traumatic memory. It speaks out of personal experience but not of it. Instead it aims to evoke the extraordinariness of the traumatic narrative. Each piece is a captured fragment. A different exploration of a state of memory. There are gaps between them. They are not a narrative or logical sequence. They are attempts to convey something incomplete.

Fracture is a collage of Linocuts printed on Wenzhou paper and fractured as they passed through the press.   This aims to convey the sense of disarray in the mind following trauma.

Red/Black II is one of a series of four pieces expanded from an original reduction linocut of a significant building seen through trees. They are laser wood cut prints and contain the surface pits of the original lino.  Printed in red and black, echoing Louise Bourgeois “The blind leading the blind” they try to convey the shock and panic of initial trauma in the mind.

Untitled II  is a wood engraving embedded in a carved plaster.  This aims to evoke the impact of trauma and the fragility of the self that remains.

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