Liz K Miller

London, UK

My project, Circular Score, sits at the intersection of music, geometry, psychology and visual art. Circular Score is a circular musical notation system that I have created for the Cello and Piano arrangement of Fratres by Arvo Pärt. Radius denotes pitch, circumference is time, and colourcontrols key signature. The disks both within and outside of the etched score depict the volume dynamics. Each time a musical motif repeats the score forms a new circle, producing diagrams that appear to have grown organically.

The score is performed and re-interpreted in collaborative events with musicians – recasting the role of the artist as not only the interpreter of the musical piece but also as the facilitator of new music: this has ranged from modernist piano improvisations to electronic sound-art compositions. I aim to provide my audience with a rich sensory experience, allowing them to visualize the geometric shapes of the music as they hear it, beguiling them through the bewitching symmetry of the repeated motif.

My practice considers the seductiveness of cycles and repetitive patterns to the human condition - how they are ingrained in our psyche, seep into our being and are made manifest in our behaviour and our creations. I investigate how we are all an integral part of the natural cycle that creates patterns and structures, from the rotation of the planet and the changing of the seasons, to the mathematical patterns of the smallest structures.

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