Myra Ryan

Wrexham, UK

Drawing has the potential to convey a concept without the use of language

Through her work Myra attempts to convey aspects of the human condition that language alone cannot fully communicate. Exploring what is normally hidden from view she gives visual presence to feelings, emotions and the inner self.
Drawing using non-traditional materials there is an energy, an immediacy, in Myra`s use of line, rhythm and repetition. Capturing the moment of painting, pouring, wrapping, drawings may be layered, manipulated and taken in to  print, or into space to create 3 dimensional structures. Enjoying moving between 2D and 3D, one medium informs the other creating dynamic oppositions.
Interested in applying the theory of semiotics to sculpture Myra is constantly looking for connections between her materials and the ideas that are explored in the work. Fragile, ephemeral, materials reflect the tenuous nature of life and are metaphors for the body, where the body isn`t present but is implied. There are tensions in the work between loss and vulnerability, confinement and freedom, concealment and exposure. Familiar materials used in unexpected ways bring additional layers of meaning, allowing multiple interpretations. The work is deliberately open, ambiguous, thought provoking; encouraging the viewer to pause for a moment to consider, to reflect and to interpret the clues left within the work.