Neil Bousfield

Winner of the Great Art Prize

Wood engraving is a discipline that combines drawing, making and thinking and as such provides me with an evolving process to explore concepts and techniques. I am a contemporary engraver and use materials and processes that suit my purpose.
There is no denying that the physicality of the process, the tactile nature of inks, papers, blocks, craft skills and the haptic feedback gained through the very act of engraving is fundamental. However the simple nature of the process provides no room for fuzziness as there is a clear and direct relationship between hand and mind.

Although contexts change, drawing and narrative remain steadfast within my personal practice of printmaking and the technique of wood engraving. A change in personal circumstances facilitated a move to a new location and landscape space. Change initiates new directions within an art practice and current thinking has allowed a deeper understanding of drawing, making and the representation of 'space'. Recent practice explores and responds to issues of landscape and the concepts of transformation, change and fragility and the geographical palimpsest of place; the exploration of these concepts allows a rooting of emotional connections to the landscape and this drives my printmaking practice.

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