Resonate by Karen Stansfield – Saturday 1st to Saturday 22nd March 2014

The exhibition Resonate presents a highly charged, exploratory collection of works by Karen Stansfield, an artist, printmaker and workshop facilitator based at West Yorkshire Print Workshop. The series, which comprises of both ethereal etchings and vibrant paintings, reflects the recent emotional journey undertaken by the artist, as catalysed by the sudden and tragic death of friend and fellow artist, Andy Banks. In tribute to Banks’ own prolific creative practice, Stansfield has investigated new means of mark making and texture-building through the use of kinetic drawing machines. The surrender of artistic control to such devices and their own mechanistic ‘personalities’ poignantly echoes the personal trials of the artist over the last twelve months in coming to terms with such a loss.

 “As the instigator I found engaging with the kinetic drawing machines an intriguing challenge – for it was the machine doing the mark making. Through a combination of intrigue, naivety, and continual exploration I found my interactions with the device conversational; first waiting for the machine to make its marks and then watching it as it ‘danced’, making the most interesting sounds whilst performing on the copper plates or whilst dripping paint onto a canvas. These conversations between the machine and I have produced a series of unique works- prints which I see as an echo of the inventor’s intention.”