Robert Hart

Rob Hart works mainly in painting, drawing and printmaking. Originally from the Northwest of England, for the past thirty years or so he has lived and worked in Nottingham.
Much of his inspiration comes from what he sees around him; from particular landscapes that hold a fascination, to the immediate environment, often at the margins and fringes, the overlooked and forgotten. However, these external references and starting points are inextricably linked to more personal, internal thoughts and observations. The works often contain recurring motifs, whose meanings are in a state of flux, influenced by context or setting, and relationship to each other.
This recent body of work examines such themes as shelter (from the storm?) and impermanence in an environment that is devoid of people it would seem. An image of a hut or house-like structure sits apparently comfortably and floats or is lifted by stilts on a transient matrix. One can wonder about life’s vicissitudes and how we ride them, protect ourselves from them and the like. This structure more or less remains similar if not the same in a large number of pieces of work; drawings, paintings and prints, presenting an intriguing  but reliable image offering an apparently solid structure in an otherwise unstructured environment. Like an old friend, reassuring and ever present. These ‘hut’ images are, at one and the same time apparently wanting the viewer to experience being ‘shut out’ but also left to wonder ‘what might have been’, and been drawn even closer.  ambivalent about intimacy, being known and letting the viewer see what’s inside? A lonely structure, surviving all and therefore strangely jubilant and triumphant?