Small Print International

18th February – 15th April 2017

In partnership with Leicester Print Workshop, a touring exhibition of contemporary fine art mini-prints by local and international printmakers.

The panel made up of curators and printmakers received 631 prints from artists across the world and selected 150 images that measure no more than 100 square cm.  Works on display include etching, lithography, letterpress, relief, screen-printing and digital prints.


A Review of Small Print International by Kitty Cameron

West Yorkshire Print Workshop currently presents ‘Small Print International’, a touring mini-print exhibition organised by Leicester Print Workshop.  It features work by 92 artists from 18 countries, all pulled together into one very intriguing and diverse selection.  Even though these 150 images all follow the same criteria (that they measure no more than 100 square centimetres) I found the variety within this exhibition striking, something I only truly appreciated after getting a little closer to each piece.

What I first noticed about this exhibition is the enormous range of subject matter among the prints.  I admire how, just by looking at one wall of the gallery, I am able to see images of traditional landscapes and natural forms displayed right next to vibrant abstractions and unusual little narratives.  Despite how random this sounds, these pieces of work actually all hang together very harmoniously, and it allows everyone who visits the exhibition to be drawn towards a different artist, subject, style or print making technique.

I found that the prints which attracted me personally were the ones that showed lots of small detail, for example Wood Engravings of plants from Japan or etchings of twigs and tree roots from America.  I think the amount of depth and intricacy fit within such a little frame is amazing!  However, I know that there are many who would feel the complete opposite, and find themselves fascinated by prints that show more geometric and architectural shapes.

The fact that the exhibition includes the work of artists from so many different cultures and backgrounds means that almost everyone could appreciate at least one piece among the vast selection.  For someone with a wide artistic appreciation, it would be easy to spend a long time analysing each work and enjoying all that the exhibition can offer.  In my opinion, Small Print International is a fantastic exhibition, and I’m very glad I got see such a lovely variety of beautiful art!


February 2017