Tracy Hill

Cheshire, UK

As the search begins for the beginning of the Anthropocene epoch, our legacy and presence as a civilization will be defined through the very fabric of the earth. Hill’s current investigations consider the historical legacy of spatiotemporal, post-industrial landscapes though combinations of installation and hand drawn imagery. Over the last two years Hill has explored wetland locations along the Mersey River, UK and The Hunter River, AU. Liminal spaces which sit on the edge of urban conurbations, linking and connecting communities, they mark borders and define modern transport links. Importantly though, they provide geological and archaeological heritage dating back thousands of years. Hill’s visual imagery is informed by data collected through digital mapping technology connecting with a modern obsession for locating, ordering and fragmenting journeys through our landscapes. However, Hill considers that in order to reconnect with ideas of place we must reconnect with the aesthetic, understand the experience, knowledge and memory of the physical encounter. Disrupted and reimagined Hill’s images require a visual and cognitive attention intrinsic to walking occupying the place where our digital and physical worlds overlap.

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