Yuet Yean Teo

London, UK

This series of prints is inspired by the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang and my experience of mov-ing from countryside to town, town to city, and country to country. In traditional Chinese belief the circle represents the sky and the square represents the land Thus, 'Earth' is represented by a square and 'Heaven' by a circle. In Chinese this is expressed as 'Tian Yuan Di Fang' (Chinese sim-plified: 天圆地方) in which 'Tian Yuan' means Heaven represented by a circle and 'Di Fang' is Earth represented by a square this also relates to the idea of Yin and Yang.

My work explores the integration of traditional Chinese Painting 'freehand style', also known as 'lite-rati painting', with a western oil painting style. I am looking to combine my Chinese Painting skills with a more painterly approach to contemporary printmaking. I employ inter-disciplinary skills to express my unique cross-cultural perspective. My work is concerned with transmutation of tech-nique, subject matter, self and outside influences. I use the circular shape as a symbol of unity. To be whole is to be unified. Additionally, the circle expresses my experience of moving around, linked to feelings of restlessness and instability. All circular objects share these restless and unstable characteristics.