Enduring Marks: Etching as a Medium of Meaning – Printmaker’s Toolkit Session – September


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Join Artist and Printmaker Maggie Thompson for our September printmaker’s toolkit session. Maggie has recently graduated from the MA Fine Art course at Manchester School of Art, and has joined WYPW to continue her work. She will talk about her current printmaking practice, and demonstrate inking and printing one of her etching plates from her current series.

The focus of Maggie’s practice is etching on steel, being drawn to the way print making is a binding together of conceptual opposite; such as its ability to make visible something which is absent and the mirroring of the plate and print. Aiming always to ensure that the way she works upon the metal has a coherence with the subject matter, the marks upon the plate are both deliberate and the result of chance, influenced but not controlled. Her recent work has been concerned with an exploration of space, transitory liminal space,  heterotopic space, and the virtual infinite space of the mind within the finite space of the body.

“As a printmaker the primary focus of my practice is to make etchings. I use printing’s processes both as a means of making work and a medium of meaning. Working with the specific qualities of the material I create enduring marks on the plate that, when printed, make visible this absence or lack. Using the unique possibilities which arise from the interaction between the plate, ink and paper, the prints created are both formed and formless. They evoke places both real and imagined and explore the possibility of capturing a moment in time.”

These 1 hour morning sessions will focus on technique, practise and making, and will comprise of practical demonstrations and talks led by practising artists and printmakers. The sessions are intended to encourage, inspire, and generate ideas and conversation about printmaking, so don’t be afraid to ask questions! Both members and non-members are welcome to attend. If you are not a member, or indeed a printmaker, they can act as taster sessions to show you just what printmaking is all about. If you are a member, the sessions can offer valuable hints and tips to help further your printmaking practice, or introduce you to a new technique.

Experience level

All welcome! From those who have never done any printmaking before to experienced printmakers.

Small print

If you need to cancel your place on a course and you give at least 10 working days notice, you will be offered a credit note, valid for one year, which can be used in payment towards another course. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds if the period of notice given is less than 10 working days. West Yorkshire Print Workshop reserves the right to cancel courses. If this happens, full refunds will be given.


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