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Standard Membership – £55
Members can access our printmaking facilities six days a week, with technical support on-hand. Members also benefit from 10% discount opportunities and a friendly, supportive environment in which to make work.

Storage – £20
We can also provide storage for your inks, sundries and screens for an annual charge of £20 in addition to the standard membership fee. If you are a new member and do not know if you’ll need storage space, select without storage. If you are renewing your membership, already have storage and wish to keep it, please select with storage.

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Standard membership: £55 per year + £15 induction fee new members (paid on day of induction)

Anyone can become a member of WYPW, and we welcome artists of all skill levels. If you are new to printmaking we strongly advise that you attend one of our day or weekend print courses before joining. (If you join within one month of attending a course you will also benefit from a £5 discount on membership). If you have some previous experience of printmaking and can demonstrate a good working knowledge of the technique you wish to practice, you can join up today. To get started you will need to get in touch to arrange your induction.

All new and renewing members need to have an induction session. Please contact us to arrange this once you have purchased your membership. Inductions are usually at the start of your first print session, and include an orientation of the building and print rooms, general membership protocol, health and safety, and safe use of the print rooms and specific machinery. Induction sessions are not teaching, and it is expected that members already have a good working knowledge of the process they wish to use. If you do not have experience of printmaking but would like to learn, you can attend one of our courses:

Hourly fee
In addition to the annual membership and induction fee, the hourly workshop charge is £3.20/hr.  This is payable on a pay-as-you-go basis, rounded up to half hours.

What your hourly fee includes:

  • Use of all workshop equipment, etching chemicals, developers for photo-processes, etc. Black ink for etching and relief printing is also included.

What your hourly fee does not include:

  • Storage – if you would like to store materials, screens, etc, at the workshop, there is additional annual charge of £20.
  • Screen coatings – if you would like to use our screens there is a charge of £1.50 per screen per day, plus any additional coatings at 50p.
  • Paper, inks, print medium, metal plates, masking tape and other sundries. These can be bought from our shop.

Benefits of Standard membership

  • Access to all workshop facilities during opening hours (below)
  • Booking system and drop-in available.
  • Technical support available 3 days a week (currently Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).
  • Regular members’ opportunities bulletin.
  • Opportunities to participate in exhibitions and print fairs
  • Specialist materials at affordable prices.
  • 10% discount on our course programme.
  • Contact with our community of printmakers.

Our membership is heavily subsidised through our grants and other activities, as we wish to keep our membership prices at a reasonable level, please note all bookings cancelled in less than 24 hours notice will be charged for.

Opening Hours

-Monday 10.30 – 6
-Tuesday 10.30 – 10 (late evening)
-Wednesday 10.30 – 6
-Thursday 10.30 – 6
-Friday 10.30 – 6
-Saturday 10.30 -3




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