Thinking with Print – October


Facilitators from Thinking Space CIC and WYPW

Join WYPW for something a little bit different! Spend a day making prints and reflecting on this process with the help of community philosopher, Liz Watkins.  A collaborative project between WYPW and Thinking Space, this workshop will give participants the opportunity to generate new ideas and new images through close looking at the in-house exhibition, learning to print, and discussion of the art participants have made. No experience of philosophy or printmaking is needed and all are welcome – this is a practical, hands-on making session using monoprinting – a simple and immediate printmaking technique. It will be an excellent opportunity for art students, artists and anyone interested in art, to reflect on their own practice and make new work informed by this reflection.

The workshop will be co-run by Thinking Space CIC, a non-profit based in Sheffield. Thinking Space creates opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to think philosophically together. Guided by the interests and abilities of participants, their projects develop the skills and dispositions associated with philosophical enquiry (speaking, listening, questioning, reasoning and reflecting), with the aim of promoting clear thinking clearly communicated. Thinking Space has a long-standing interest in the relationship between philosophical enquiry and the arts. This has led to a regular series of workshops entitled ‘Space to Think’ at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, and workshops at the Laing Gallery, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Leeds City Gallery. These workshops use close looking at artworks and artmaking as a starting point for discussing issues that participants raise and are invested in – no reading is required and we don’t lecture.

Liz Watkins has been an associate philosophy practitioner with Thinking Space since 2014 and has worked on many of their workshops in arts contexts since then. With a background in fine art and ceramics, she is interested in how philosophy can be a tool for art-makers and art enthusiasts.

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