Learn to Print: Workshops for Schools and Colleges

Progress your students’ skills in design, making and communication with accessible and fun Printmaking workshops.

Workshops can be delivered at your school or at West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield, giving students the opportunity to learn in a professional environment and be inspired by our contemporary print exhibitions.

Explore texture with relief printing
Explore texture with relief printing

Explore texture with relief printing

Make a collage of textured materials (leaves, fabric, wallpaper, bubble wrap etc.). Then apply inks with a paint brush, sponge or roller and print through a printing press or by hand to achieve stunning results.

Monoprint - fun, quick and expressive!

The beauty of mono-printing is that it is quick, spontaneous, playful. A really accessible process and a good introduction to printmaking. Mono-print is a great way to build confidence and experiment with various combinations of painting, drawing and mark making.

Paper stencil screen printing

Paper stencil screen printing

Design your own stencil and create bold graphic prints using one or two colours. A cut out stencil or paper shapes are arranged to make a pattern. Ink is then squeezed though the screen to create a sharp print of your design.

Supporting your curriculum

Our workshops are offered to enhance your curriculum in Art in Design, Literacy and STEM subject areas. All of these sessions can be developed to create artwork around a theme or subject area in your curriculum or can be focused on learning specific skills.

Inspire your young people with Print projects which can be designed to boost social skills, confidence, emotional health and wellbeing or critical thinking.

Our workshops can also support students achieving Arts Award.


Printmaking is accessible for all levels of ability and we will discuss your students’ needs with you when booking a workshop to ensure our sessions are a great experience for everyone.

Our venue is fully accessible with step free access to the gallery and an accessible toilet.

Get in Touch

The above is just a taste of the printmaking learning we offer. Please feel free to discuss your ideas and needs and we can develop a session that works for you and your school.

Contact Amy Hirst Outreach co-ordinator on 01924 497646 or via our contact page for more info.