Print Rooms


Our print studios are fully equipped for screen print (paper and textiles), etching, photo-etching, solar plate, photo-plate lithography, relief print, monoprint, collagraph and letterpress.





Screen Print

-          2 x Kippax vacuum beds, taking up to 112 x 78cm screen size

-          Textile printing table 2 x 4ft

-          4-colour tabletop carousel

-          Screens for paper and textiles, range of sizes and mesh counts (hired on a daily basis)

-          Coating emulsion and reclaimer

-          Natgraph UV exposure unit

-          Light box 110 x 84cm

-          Screen drying cupboard

-          Washout room with pressure washer

-          Squeegees in a range of sizes

-          Large drying rack 158 x 107cm

-          Coating troughs

-          Photocopier and printer for printing transparencies, up to A2 size



-          Hunter-Penrose etching press, bed size 122 x 71cm

-          Rollaco etching press, bed size 46 x 91cm

-          Hot plate 71 x 61cm

-          Paper soaking bath 107 x 77cm

-          Drying rack 107 x 108cm, plus ball drying racks

-          Aquatint rosin box 153 x 64cm

-          Copper sulphate solutions for etching zinc, aluminium and steel

-          ‘Edinburgh Etch’ solution for etching copper

-          Etching trays

-          Liquid and ball grounds

-          Inking-up stations

-          Drying board stack

-          Metal guillotine

-          Communal use scrim and blotters